Features of Diabetic Socks

Features of Diabetic Socks

Diabetes can affect many parts of the body, including the feet. If you have diabetes, it's important to take good care of your feet, and wearing proper socks can help prevent foot problems and reduce the risk of developing complications.

We know that good socks can help protect your feet from friction, pressure, and moisture, which can cause blisters, sores, and infections.

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Here are some features to look for in diabetic socks:

  1. Moisture-wicking material: Look for socks made from polyester fibers which wick away moisture from your feet and keep them dry. 
  2. No seams: Socks made without seams at the toe can help reduce rubbing and minimize the risk of blisters at the toes which can cause ulcers to develop.
  3. Cushioned soles: Diabetic socks are designed with padded soles to add cushioning and comfort. Cushioned soles are especially important for individuals who have peripheral neuropathy and experience numbing or tingling of the feet.
  4. Non-binding top: Socks for diabetics are made with a non-binding top with no elastic that could cut off circulation and restrict blood flow to the feet.
  5. Length: Diabetic socks come in a variety of lengths from ankle to over the knee. The higher length is ideal for those with circulatory issues while other lengths are fine for everyday wear.
  6. Antimicrobial properties: Many diabetic socks are made with copper or silver-infused yarn or treated with an antimicrobial wash to prevent bacterial and fungal growth. These socks not only are antimicrobial but also can prevent odors.
  7. Soft yarn: You can find socks made from soft yarns such as polyester, acrylic, bamboo or wool. These socks are soft against the skin and can guard your feet from blisters caused by friction.
  8. Wrinkle-free: There is no extra fabric in diabetic socks so they stay wrinkle-free and reduce discomfort.

By choosing the right diabetic socks with these features, you can help prevent foot problems and ensure your feet stay healthy and comfortable.

Designed with you in mind

At Doctor’s Choice, we know first-hand the importance of footcare for individuals with diabetes and have designed an entire collection for individuals who suffer from Diabetes or Neuropathy symptoms.

Our best sellers in this collection are the Diabetic Quarter Length Sock and the Half Cushion Diabetic: 

  • The Diabetic Quarter-Length Socks features moisture-wicking fibers, good ventilation to help keep feet dry, seamless toes, cushioning, and loose tops. These well-fitting socks are also aloe-infused to help promote smoother skin.
  • The Diabetic Half Cushion Quarter-Length Socks have a targeted half cushion foot which can provide support without a bulky feeling. Each sock is equipped with moisture control features with maximum ventilation to help keep feet cool and dry.

Check out the full collection today and sign up for the newsletter to find out when we launch new socks like our most recent Diabetic half-cushion socks!

New diabetic socks featured.

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