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Treatment to help inhibit bacterial growth and odor


Easy On-Easy Off, unrestricted circulation


Soothes cracks and sores

Seamless Toe

Moisture Control

Limits sores, blisters and infection

Made for Diabetics

Made for diabetics, by diabetics

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  • "Finally, a pair of socks designed to cope with foot neuropathy that fits me! These…are abolutely comfortable."


  • "I ordered these for my husband. He LOVED them and said they made a huge difference in his comfort level."

    –Megan W.

  • "Doctor's Choice are the best socks I have found for me. They don't hurt my toes…and they are very comfortable."

    –Cindy B.

  • "I love the length and softness of them, but best of all, they do not cut off my circulation. Total keepers."

    –Cathleen C.

  • "Love these socks!! Very comfortable, seems to last longer and better than all-cotton socks."

    –Jerry H.

  • "My dad is diabetic and has neuropathy. These socks give him relief over wearing regular socks. They are worth every cent!"

    –Kathryn R.


What is a non-binding top? Will the sock stay up on my leg?

A non-binding top is an easy-stretch, loosely knit sock leg that expands easily so as not to constrict circulation.  In spite of a loosely knit leg, there is elastic knit throughout, which helps keep the sock up on the leg. 

Please always check with your medical provider as to which type of sock is best for you, and please note, that we are not able to provide you with recommendations for medical conditions as we are not medical professionals.

What is a "Seamless Toe"?

“Seamless toe” socks are designed without a seam inside the end of a sock that might bunch, rub, or irritate sensitive toes. There is still an area at the toe that has to be closed but it is done by looping instead of seaming and is incredibly smooth.

What is the benefit of full cushion?

For diabetics, full-cushion socks offer crucial benefits that reduce the risk of foot complications. Due to reduced sensation and poor circulation, diabetics may not notice small injuries or pressure points, which can lead to sores and blisters. Full-cushion socks provide extra padding, distributing pressure evenly and reducing friction. This cushioning also protects against minor injuries, which is vital because diabetics often have slower healing times.

What does Aloe-Infused mean?

Prior to knitting the sock, a light coating of aloe gel is introduced into the polyester yarns of the Doctor’s Choice Diabetes-Neuropathy socks.  Aloe is a natural emollient and helps skin retain moisture.  It is an ideal additive for those wearers who suffer from blisters, sores, cracks, or ulcers on their feet. 

Please always check with your medical provider as to which type of sock is best for you, and please note, that we are not able to provide you with recommendations for medical conditions as we are not medical professionals.

Why should I look for socks with moisture and odor control?

Moisture Control:

For diabetics, socks with moisture control are crucial in reducing the risk of foot complications. Diabetes can lead to poor circulation and neuropathy, making it harder for people to notice injuries or changes in foot condition. Excess moisture from sweat can soften the skin, increasing the likelihood of blisters, which, in turn, can lead to sores or ulcers. Moisture can be controlled with mesh channels or panels for extra ventilation and airflow, or with moisture-wicking technology to move the moisture away from the skin. Moisture-wicking socks help draw sweat away from the skin, keeping feet dry and reducing the risk of bacterial or fungal infections, like athlete's foot. This extra level of dryness not only makes socks more comfortable to wear but also plays a key role in preventing complications related to excess moisture. 

Odor Control:

Odor control in socks contributes to overall foot health by limiting the potential for bacterial-related issues. The bacteria that thrive in warm, moist environments are often responsible for unpleasant odors, but they can also cause infections if left unchecked. Doctor's Choice Socks are crafted with copper, silver and zinc yarns that work together to reduce bacterial growth, mitigating odor and lowering the risk of infection. By minimizing odor-causing bacteria, our socks create a healthier environment for the feet. This is especially important for diabetics, who need to prevent minor issues from escalating into serious complications due to their compromised ability to heal.

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